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youppe  – a true MCOB at heart, mind & soul – born in teluk intan, bred in kuala kangsar, but everyone he wanted to be close to is here in KL – a realist, in an optimistic way – resilient, opinionated, critical – never regretted his past mistakes, as he is a better man because of it – a tragic dreamer & believer – a fan of words strewn beautifully together – music is life, and life is music (has even written own songs & played gigs!) – in pursuit of happiness, just like everyone else



1. mateen - February 15, 2008

– everyone he wanted to be close to is here in KL –

seriously? huhu… aha. well i know everything’s there, but i am still in search and yet to hear..the calling. haha.

till then.

2. youppe - February 15, 2008


bile tibe masenye…

pulanglah ke pangkal jalan.


3. thebanker - February 26, 2008

bro jom buat band, aku dh bosan main gitar dlm bilik je nih..haha

4. youppe - February 27, 2008

owh.. satu cadangan yang memberangsangkan!!!

5. fauzanzaharin - March 30, 2008

“…a fan of words strewn beautifully together..”

jgn ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’ dah la bro..mcm mamat tu..ahaha

6. youppe - April 21, 2008

woih… dah2 la tu peribahasa ko

ahaha ko mmg best student cikgu saodah la!!!

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