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make time. December 14, 2012

Posted by youppe in personal.

another bland, dull, rainy… Friday evening. the weekend is here, but the rain is such a mood-killer. always is.

will be going out with some friends for drinks later. but this is good. i missed writing. and i still have that fantasy of writing a screenplay for a movie. i’ve even contacted some friends who works in the local film industry to send me some samples of screenplays for me to get a feel. i watched those movies written by my favourites Gaghan, Sorkin, Kaufmann… and i always get inspired.  time is scarce nowadays, but that’s always the excuse. i’ve always believed in making time for priorities, and always criticized people who seems to miss a lot of their ‘priorities’ (subjective, i know) because of the lame excuse – no time. i always make time for people i wanted to see. i always have time for MY priorities.

so, i want to start writing again. i’ll make time. a lot of things have changed since my last post here, but here’s to the future.

2013, come quick!



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