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sore losers May 12, 2010

Posted by youppe in football, general.

Man Utd fans, get over it already. Chelsea is the rightful winner of Barclays Premier League, hands down. they are DOMINANT in the stats department; record of 100++ goals scored, second best defense, 4 games with 7 or more goals scored, and… (drum roll please) they did the double against the trio of Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool! yeah man, they beat you home and away.

the perennial King of Sore Losers, Sir Alex Ferguson, always blamed the referee for his side’s shortcomings, but never complained when the blind linesman gave them a goal when the ball never crossed the line against Spurs, or when the referee decided it was an endless injury time until MU scored against Man City. and about all those dubious penalties awarded for… touching a United player in the penalty box?

sore losers never win, even when they win.



1. YaM - May 12, 2010

congrats youppe…ko leh join eddie la in celebration..hehe

2. youppe - May 13, 2010

hahahaha… celebrate bro jgn x celebrate!!

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