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no boundaries May 7, 2010

Posted by youppe in general, personal.


ok, that’s it. i am going to start writing again. it’s too boring (?) now, without this. as my life gets more hectic and busier by the day, more and more responsibilities coming my way, time has been a luxury. don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i don’t like it; in fact this is what makes me thick, what makes me feel purposeful when i wake up in the morning. i like being busy, and always on-call. but no, i am not a workaholic. hahaha… well, before i confuse you more and this become a full blown ramblings on my part, lets just move on shall we.

i’m in mumbai right now, if the news hasn’t reach you yet. i’m working on a monorail project here… so far it has been an eye-opener for me. an international consortium comprised of people from all over the world working on a huge billion-dollar project with all its complexity and not to forget some high-level politics… what a wonderful experience! my family and friends always asked me how did i arrive at the decision; to leave KL and work in India, of all places? for me, it’s not even a fair fight, the decision is so obvious that i would feel irresponsible to myself if i didn’t take the offer. the reasons to take the plunge (!) are (1) moneeeeeyyyyy (triple what i’m getting at KL, plus it’s tax-free, with accomodation – decent apartment in good neighbourhood – and transport – pool Innova with driver – are fully supported by the company, plus other here-and-there perks) and (2) the experience (strapped in the middle of a multibillion dollar international project) which of course will translate into more money in the future! against those 2 reasons, i wanted to stay in KL because it’s easy, it’s familiar, everyone’s here, friends and families. it’s not a fair fight, my friends… it’s not.

oh, it’s almost time to go home. i am pledging to write anything, at least something, everyday, or once every 2 days, every 3 days…. arrgghhh!!! ok, i’ll find time.

damn, i miss writing.

maiden trial run of the monorail in mumbai



1. Diana - May 10, 2010

great! i miss your words.. upload more pics in Mumbai pls.. 🙂

2. A79 - May 10, 2010

mantap ah youppe, gambar posing standard..hahah

3. myra razali - May 12, 2010

you’re back.. for good! yay!

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