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those were the days October 23, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal.

i’ve been pretty busy lately, hence this is belated. anyway, especially to all my brothers of 9600, check out the link below;

>> Video Tribute to Urban Remnants 2000 <<


ps… the video was a wonderful effort by Jaq/Diana, Al’s gf, of course with some help from the guys. especially on the photos. yep, it took a girl to make this one for us, owh are we all really that malas??? (errr… rephrasing, bukan malas, tp ‘busy’ ok, ahaha… konon-kononnye la..)

pss… it seemed like it was not that far back in memory, when a bunch of weird-looking nerdy kids were thrown together by their parents to an old boarding school in Kuala Kangsar. we were 12 years old, man!!! that small!!! ahaha… life was much easier when you’re young, when nothing mattered. when everything’s just fine. the endless days and the sleepless nights, the laughs, the sweat, the blood and tears… the good old days. and now with some of us has gotten married and working with big corps and living the ‘life’ our parents told so much about when we were young, it all seemed so far back in time. i believed we turned out alright, everybody in their own special way. we’re a bunch of old boys complete with the trademark ‘perut old boy’ now, but still, those were the days… aite?

psss… i want to just post the video in here, but i can’t find a way to upload a video in WordPress!! (saya agak buta IT sebenarnye..) anyway i’m linking you guys to Diana’s original post in her blog. enjoy!!!!

pssss… say thanks to Diana. (thanks Jaq!!!!!!)




1. NoktahHitam - October 23, 2008

Life was carefree back then.

Still got time to lepak, malas je nak buat video-video, touted gay, susah la plak nak jawab

2. padel - October 31, 2008

pehh awat gambaq ang cm kolej askarr

3. youppe - November 2, 2008

eddie: kene suruh yg betul2 gay la buat…. kakakakaka!!!

padel: celah angle mane yg mcm kolej askar nye? sbb sume laki kot..

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