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island in the sun August 28, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal.


i’m off for a much-needed getaway this weekend. destination? a certain island offshore Terengganu, with a bunch of monkeys colleagues from work. we’ve been planning this for months, and the timing is somewhat perfect, as God knows i needed a break. oh them beaches and sands and boundless sea horizon that goes as far as the eye can see.. i need that!!!

Ramadhan is imminent again… and this time i’m actually really looking forward to it. this time of year has always been quite sentimental to me, for reasons i’m not really sure of.

and Merdeka has actually come early, on the 26th August. (if you know what i mean)



anyhow, ..





have a nice one.



ps.. i love snorkeling, and kayaking in the middle of the ocean!!!!





1. thoyol - August 29, 2008

good for you bro…
I myself took 3 days of leave in June and simply head to Cherating for holiday purpose. Equipped with 2 novels, snacks and wallet full of money. Hehe..

Totally awesome..

Memang rest kaw2..

I guess I need it again before end of the year..

2. youppe - September 4, 2008

aku sudah kembali!!!!!!!!

tp keje berlambak plak….

3. mateen - September 12, 2008

“…and the timing is somewhat perfect, as God knows i needed a break. ”

nyahahaha… welcome home, my friend (tho i know this welcoming message is waaaaayy too late. aha!). but i guess ur still unsettled even after d getaway, huh? ahrharhaharhar (gelak setan..)

let’s hope our puasa will be ‘accepted’ by Him..(i dont know how to put it in a more poetic, boombastic way, bro..damn. hah!)


4. MsWutEva - September 17, 2008

siol jer ko kan…letak “with a bunch of monkeys”….
well ingat letak line tue org tak ble tgk laa…
so maknenyer ko pon tergolong dlm tue laa kan coz ko pon kwn2 mereka…hahahahahah :p peace bro….

5. youppe - September 17, 2008

oit wani… MsWutEva kunun… kakaka

6. Luqman - October 10, 2008

xde update post baru ke bro? xkan ler bz sangat kot? ahha~

7. youppe - October 12, 2008

bukan bz, tp xde mase!!! kah kah kah

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