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today is the greatest day i’ve ever known August 26, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal.


sometimes, it felt like the sky just crashed down onto me and brought me to my knees. like today. there were days when i felt like my legs were trembling so hard i could barely even walk. like today. some days were just so dark and unrelenting, it suffocates me. like today. heart’s been shredded into tiny pieces, just that. again. just your routine, run-of-the-mill, heartache.

which makes me even more proud, of what i’ve achieved this past few years. my successes at work, studies and life. i did it, eventhough some days the sky just crashed down mercilessly. i braved it, eventhough some days i could barely stand, let alone walk. oh i’m made of steel, i am. i’m always strong enough for this.

but i’m lying if i say it doesn’t kill me. i died, every time. it sucked the life out of me, every single time. but i’ve learned that to love anything is to accept that it might be gone, but we still keep on believing anyway, no matter what. tanpa mengharapkan balasan.

faith is humbling. it is content, in every sense of the word. this is a toast to me, a Superman.





” .. we, the people of the world.. our destiny are more often tied up with each other than spread apart. so be good to those around you, because they might just be the only one you’ll ever need, in the future .. “

– anonymous




1. Luqman - August 26, 2008

deep. as always?

2. youppe - August 27, 2008

not deep..

just true.

gahaha 😀

3. NoktahHitam - August 27, 2008

this about Anwar or personal?

4. youppe - August 27, 2008

errr… personal.

(how could it be about Anwar???) 😮

5. Dee - September 11, 2008

salam. well, mr superman (my new bro?).. hihi. what else can i say…? ganbareba nantoka dekiru~

6. youppe - September 11, 2008

errr… ape maknenye tu diha? bahase jepun yg sy tau “hait” aje.. ahaha…

7. Dee - September 12, 2008

mn tau ni diha? xde tulis pn..??? owh maknenye? (nk ckp kt sini ke?) ahha… herm, awk ade bg msg & comment dkt fs kn? maaf br bukak email je.. xbukak fs lg.. jya ne, yupi san.. (hihi sesedap rase je tukar nick kamu)

8. mateen - September 12, 2008

yop tipu… paling koman dia musti tau domo arigato… konnichiwa, nani, nippon, sushi, teppanyaki, kompiuta..haha


9. Dee - September 13, 2008

owh mr.yupi tipu yea? tak baik tau… terer nihongo rupenye.. hihi

10. youppe - September 13, 2008

dh tu kalau emelnye gurl_1der9600, tau la sape orgnye.. oo nk menyamar yee… ahaha..

owh ade satu lagi bahase jepun sy tau… banzaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

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