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of coincidence, reasons & hope June 28, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal, quotes.

“.. my colleague said something true last semester. he said if you want to get to know someone, you need a buffer. and he meant buffer as in someone who you mutually know .. “

– quoted from http://xxeemm.blogspot.com/



i’ve wrote something about ‘coincidence’ in my previous blog, but i’ll lay it out here once again just for the sake of it. i don’t believe in coincidence. coincidence doesn’t exist. because everything happens for a reason. it’s the most obvious LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. the day, the night, the four seasons, the sun, to the tiniest bacteria, all serve a purpose in this world. and if you really dig deeper, you’ll find that everything happens for a reason in both ways; either scientifically or in religion. coincidence is just a concept – a man-made concept – by men who can’t handle the truth and chose to be in denial. it is a convenient concept, for you can easily dismiss something that struck you deep in the heart as a “nothing”, but an unintelligent one. a thinking man who embraces God’s way of doing things would be up on his feet trying to figure out what it means. and that’s the trick. everything happens for a reason, but from all of the probable reasons that we could think of, only God knows which one is the right one. and there’s also the reasons which are beyond the capability of our mind, only God knows it.

so… just coincidence?

you think so?


well, if you ask me… it’s unthinkable. the thing that is currently happening, it could never even crossed my mind. but it’s happening, and it’s happening fast. i could just dismiss it and be in denial, but i am not like that. things like these, weird/peculiar/strange things like these, it’s so close to your heart and struck you deep, and you knew right on that it happened for a reason. but the reason for this, i haven’t got a clue.. yet. a friend said, if God’s the one who will this to happen, then it should be for something positive. maybe it’s time for me and her to patch things up, to forgive and let go of our grudges, to joke about those silly/immature/childish things we did to each other back then when we were still silly/immature/childish, and to amend our friendship. it has been years since she said a word to me, it seems like forever when we last talked as friends. she’s the one friend i don’t want to lose for my life, but i did. she means the world to me back then, and now, you know what has changed about that?




ps.. yes, she is her.

psss.. ‘just-when-i-thought-i-was-out, they-dragged-me-back-in’ moment?

pssss.. remember to stop and think for a while, the next time you want to say “… ah, kebetulan je!!”

psssss.. for the first time in history, Spain is gonna win a major tournament tomorrow. viva espana!!!




1. norulhaidar - November 11, 2008

🙂 a better read than my childish experience on “so-called-coincidence”.. heheh

ps. i wont mind at all

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