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of old man, buses & monorail June 13, 2008

Posted by youppe in business, politics.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would come to this. That he would go this far. And this low.

Tun Mahathir has gone far much lower than he’s ever been his entire life with his blog posting titled RapidKL, and damn it’s so sad. It’s so shameful I couldn’t believe it. The Grand Old Man of Malaysian Politics had become just another blogger in the vast cyberworld, playing the games of ‘common folks’ with mischievous posting, with the sole aim to make the other party look bad. A brat teenager, a 40-something clerk or a housewife (you know what i mean) who have blogging as their pastime would’ve write such a speculative, unprofessional and unintelligent piece of writing, so void of facts and full of loopholes to lead the readers to make their own assumptions. It sounded more like a group of makciks gossiping around the staircase, than a writing of a former Prime Minister worshipped by many. He pretended to present the facts for the knowledge of the rakyat, but there were no facts at all in there, just hearsay and speculation, and more loopholes so that the public can make their own assumptions. Make an official enquiry to RapidKL (or SPNB – Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd – who is the owner of the buses, RapidKL is just the operator) about the facts of the matter and present it on your blog. But he knew there would be nothing to write if official statements from SPNB were inquired, because there was nothing wrong. Yesterday Scomi Engineering Bhd president Hilmy Zaini made a press conference and took the media on a tour of the bus manufacturing facility, dishing out official FACTS after FACTS, and that’s how it should be done. In the past few years SPNB had purchased around 1,000 buses through open tenders, and Scomi only managed to win 285. And all SPNB contracts were done through open tenders. You can find that even in the Annual Report for God’s sake!!!

If Mahathir had wanted to write about the issue ‘sincerely’, he would have included the fact that it was him who started Mtrans with cronies Vincent Tan and David Chew (Chew eventually bought over all of Tan’s shares) and gave them the monorail monopoly in KL, and the fact that his son-in-law is the CEO of Mtrans. He would also include the fact that he gave the KL Monorail & Putrajaya Monorail project to Mtrans through direct-negotiation, not open tender. He would also have include the fact that when Mtrans run into financial troubles he bailed them out with government banks, leaving only KL Monorail to complete and the Putrajaya Monorail had to be scrapped. When he stepped down as PM, Chew flew overseas leaving Mtrans into more financial troubles, and Scomi took them over. There were contracts for the supply of buses to SPNB even when Scomi took over Mtrans. So… ahaha, I am speechless. Like I said, if Mahathir really wanted to raise this issue ‘sincerely’ for the rakyat’s knowledge, then he would have included all those facts. But he did not. So his intention, henceforth, is obvious.

Eventhough I am not his No 1 fan (as you could imagine from my previous postings in this blog), I do think highly of him, that he is a giant of a man in stature and intelligence. I can’t imagine him being one of the makciks gossiping about half-truths and hearsays just to pass the time. But now, I seriously have to reconsider that.

Melayu Mudah Lupa? No, we’re not!! (again)


Ps.. if you think I am writing this because I support Pak Lah, please read my previous postings in this blog to verify that!!!


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Below is Shah Hakim Zain (CEO of Scomi Group Bhd) explanation to MCOBA-Malaysia e-group (yes, he is a MCOB) about the issue (reposted with permission);

Saudara saudara,

Since the Government acquired Intrakota and Parkmay, the operations and ownership of the buses/assets are separated. The ownership of the assets rests with SPNB while Rapidkl is responsible for the operations of the assets.

SPNB has since invested in the purchases of new buses. We understand total purchase todate by SPNB is about 1200 units for Klang Valley and 150 units for Penang. The Klang Valley buses are operated by RapidKL and penang buses by RapidPenang.

Scomi supplied the following to SPNB for Rapidkl operation:

– 2005: 160

– 2006: 50

– 2007: 75

Total is 285 units. The other suppliers include SKS, Deftech, Sumai, Euromawar and Masterbuilders.

Scomi supplied 70 of the 150 units to SPNB for penang operations. The other suppliers are SKS and Deftech.

The old buses (not so old, about 10 years) that SPNB inherited upon taking over Parkmay and Intrakota totaled to about 1000 units (one thousand). These buses were not in operating condition and have been lying idle in two yards at Sungai Buaya and Antara Gapi, Selangor.

Scomi is now refurbishing 150 units of these buses at a price lower than brand new purchases. This is the first time any supplier doing this and Scomi has successfully completed 50 units thus far.


taken from stephendoss.blogspot.com

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RapidKL !!!

It is interesting to note that Dr Mahathir is once again throwing stones from his glass house. In this particular issue I have a few points to make;

  1. RapidKL is the operator of buses owned by Syarikat Prasarana Nasional Berhad (SPNB).
  2. Most contracts given by them is awarded by open tender.
  3. In the case of supply of buses for RapidKL and Rapid Penang buses are purchased through open tender.
  4. In 1995, RapidKL put out a tender for 1200 buses (please check who was PM then).
  5. Out of the 1200, Mtrans was awarded 160 buses, at that time Mahathir’s son-in-law was a major shareholder of Mtrans, and Scomi was not yet in the picture. This was in 2005.
  6. Scomi only bought into Mtrans in 2006 when Mtrans got into financial trouble, after this Mtrans supplied 120 busses.
  7. In Penang, Rapid Penang put out a tender for 150 buses, Scomi was only one of five companies awarded a contract to supply 70 buses. (Pls find out who the rest are).
  8. Why does Mahathir not also reveal the role his son-in-law played in Mtrans as a major shareholder of the company.
  9. Why did Mahathir give them the monopoly of monorails in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya when his son-in-law was a major shareholder of the company and when Mahathir was PM.
  10. Why did he as PM authorize a bail out to a company where his son in law was a major shareholder and where he knew they could not successfully carry out the monorail project.


  1. Ahh…. isu RapidKL… amat menarik, tapi malangnya Tun M hanya meng-ekspose perihal yang dia nampak “cantik” untuk menghantam pemerintahan Pak Lah. Saya cuma sekadar pemerhati, ada dengar juga hal ini, jadi saya rasa geli hati juga kerana Tun M menyembunyikan fakta2 lain…Salah satunya adalah perihal menantu Tun M sendiri adalah CEO MTrans semasa beliau sdri PM dulu, dan ketika inilah Tun M telah memberikan monorel KL dan Putrajaya projek secara direct negotiation. Saya baca juga Scomi bukanlah 100% memiliki tender tersebut. Walhal tender2 RapidKL dan RapidPenang adalah terbuka dan Scomi mempunyai bahagian terkecil, di samping ada 4 syarikat lain yang memegang tender itu.Jadi janganlah kita mudah terpedaya dengan kata2 Tun M. Kita sebagai pembaca juga perlu peka dan buat research juga bukan sekadar mempercayai apa saja yang mereka katakan.Wsalam.

    Comment by pipitart | June 11, 2008 <!– @ 3:45 am –>

  2. kenapa TDM asyik membuat tuduhan seperti ini. beliau begitu berusaha untuk menjatuhkan kepimpinan sekarang. saya ada terbaca mengenai hal ini dizaman pemerintahan beliau sendiri ada terjadi hal seperti ini berkaitan dengan projek monorail dimana pada masa itu CEO MTrans adalah menantunya. Comment by izzatdin | June 11, 2008




1. NoktahHitam - June 13, 2008

Serious, dont listen to that guy. He’s turning Malays against each other.

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