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it’s gonna get harder still, before it gets easy May 30, 2008

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MCOBA Futsal is on this weekend. our team has even bought our own jerseys (thanks to the kepoyoan of Petet). hopefully we’re not gonna be ‘team lauk’.

on another note, i am moving to a new house this weekend, the place is Changkat View Condominium at Mont Kiara. the place is damn nice, as it is brand new and we’re the first tenants moving in. so everything is still ‘virgin’, including the facilities like swimming pool and the equipments in the gym, which i think certainly gives more value for money. when everything’s all nice and well, maybe we’ll throw in a house-warming for you guys aite? i’ll probably post in a couple of pictures as well in here. oh anyway, by ‘we’, i mean me, Shoul, Sab and Pijan.

have a nice weekend.




1. kiddRon - June 9, 2008

hmm..i thot that place called Segambut…erk..hahah

changkat view eh…

so..welcom neighbor…

2. NoktahHitam - June 16, 2008

You guys won the Plate category. So much of being ‘team lauk’.

I’ll be back to claim that trophy.

3. youppe - June 19, 2008

ok la… both cup finalists were from our group, group of death tu!!! kitorang siap kalahkan cup champion mase grouping ni!!

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