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.. i just wanna sing a song with you .. May 20, 2008

Posted by youppe in music, personal, quotes.

(this is quite belated, it’s supposed to be posted on 9th May. but i’ve been quite swamped lately. heh.)

so here goes, rather belatedly.


.. you have always been ..

.. a light in the dark ..

.. and you will always be ..

.. that same way to me ..

.. a light in the dark ..


may the angels surround you with the happiness you deserve



(a great song, taken off Scrubs Season 4 Soundtrack. one of my personal favourite. click play to enjoy)




1. Pachilo - May 21, 2008

Kau nyanyi untuk I ke?


How lomantik..

2. youppe - May 22, 2008

kalau bukan untuk kamu…

untuk siapa lagi?


3. NoktahHitam - May 22, 2008

Cannot play the song 😦

4. NoktahHitam - May 22, 2008

eh.. bole2! Nice song. pass kt aku!

5. youppe - May 22, 2008

nnti aku send thru YM k bro…

6. nurich:D - November 6, 2008

very good song
came here cause i googled the song after i heard it in the scrubs episode 4 good song thx

7. ghosty - August 28, 2009

awesome, i also found this after watching Scrubs S4E04 and google-ing the lyrics. thanks again

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