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for pride & dignity March 5, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal, politics.

another pathetic act of desperation. a national treachery.

just after the postal votes fiasco, the EC dropped another bomb. the u-turn on the usage of indelible ink, just days before polling is just plain treachery. “concerns of sabotage” was cited as the reason, when everybody knows it was done to allow all those “pengundi hantu” in. internal discussions suggested (citing “inside intelligence” :D), that the use of indelible ink was just a gimmick by the EC in the first place, and was a certain non-starter after all. there was no any real move to amend the Election Laws to allow the usage of the ink, and it was known beforehand that there was actually not enough supply (or too short a notice?) to cater for the upcoming election. in other words, the indelible ink gimmick was just a plain, stone-dead, straight-to-your-face LIE to the rakyat. just as desperate and treacherous as the sudden passing of the bill for the sole purpose of extending the EC chairman’s tenure (what’s his name.. abd rahman abd rashid or abd rashid abd rahman?), it will be no surprise if the election is even called off tomorrow, judging by the way the EC is being manipulated and bitch-slapped as per request.

on to better news. commemorating GE 2008, Malaysiakini is opening its contents for free to non-subscribers, until March 10. following the ‘timely’ takeover of Nexnews (who owns theSun) by well-known raja ampu Vincent Tan and his Berjaya Group, the dearth of credible mainstream media during this election season is chilling. so the move by Malaysiakini is extremely welcomed, and i think it’s also a good promotion for their excellent contents. so for all you shiny happy momma’s boys and girls, mouth-gaping, head-scratching i-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about ignoramus, be good and just click the damn link.







on another note..

kaka.. who? fabregas showed how it’s done and took centre stage to lead Arsenal as the first english club to beat Milan at home. Milan, who knocked MU out twice in the past 4 seasons. ouch!

sorry, i still don’t have time to write about my turkmenistan trip. i’ve uploaded some pics though, in my friendster profile. you can find it here.





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