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7 hours to go.. February 16, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal.

and my bags are still empty.

i’ll be going to Turkmenistan for a week, from 17/2 to 22/2. Turk-what, you say? well, most people are not familiar with the country, but in the oil industry, Turkmenistan is common. yeah, they’re oil-rich, and gas-richer. Petronas already has a big operation there, as they were granted exploration licenses up to 20 years, if i’m not mistaken. so on-queue, Scomi will also be there (if you know what i mean, ehehe). i’ll be staying in a hotel (don’t remember the name) in the capital city, Ashgabat. one of my schoolmate is there, working for Schlumberger, but he’s actually in Balkanabat, which is like 400km away from the capital (according to him). hopefully we can meet, but it’s a long shot.

after going to the likes of Kemaman, Kerteh & Pasir Gudang, this is my first worktrip out of the country. i am excited, of course. but it’s winter in Turkmenistan, and i’m kinda not a ‘cold’ person (that sounds funny, ahaha). according to our correspondences there (and Yahoo! Weather) the average temperature is -4°C, and it’s snowing. that’s damnnn cold, man!!! i hope i’d be fine, wish me well, won’t you?

my Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Ashgabat flight will (hopefully) takeoff at 9am, which is 7 hours from now. i will be back on Friday night, and i hope i could make it in time (without jetlag) to the QUEST Dinner at Tropicana next Saturday. so see you guys in a week, i guess.

i should get back to my bags now.



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