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ROSE OR BLOOD? February 14, 2008

Posted by youppe in personal.


it’s Valentine’s Day.

yesterday i went to the fortnightly meeting of Shell-Scomi Toastmasters Club that i was forced to join by my boss a member of. the theme of the day was of course – Valentine’s Day – and as you can imagine, there were bound to be some emotional, controversial & awkward moments among the well-mixed crowd (err.. some 20 people or so). but admittedly, there were some good points (as always) being discussed about the topic which really got me thinking. one worthy quote from yesterday was..

“.. in some ways, Valentine’s Day underrates love..”

apart from the controversial events associated to it, why do you need a specific day in a year to ‘show’ your love? what about the rest of the 364 days, did you show your anger, frustration, resentment, irritation, etc? i just don’t get the whole concept. i know, some people say it’s good to have a day in a year to ‘celebrate’ love. but love, in all its glory, is so commercialized on this day so that some people could make profit out of it. the ‘banners’ of love is everywhere, as much as the ‘promotions’ for it. Cinemas, florists, eateries, credit cards, etc.. everyone is taking advantage in the drive to ‘celebrate’ love (not to mention hotels & condom companies, and even safe-sex campaigners will have to do overtime!!).

i always say that beauty is overrated, but love is not. the people that you love, it’s worth celebrating their existence in your life every single day of the year. i believe in love, proudly. i think love is undermined by ‘restricting’ its celebration to a day, when people would take advantage and oversell it, killing its meaning & value (whatever that means). and don’t you think that the other 364 days would just be awkward?

– (wait for it)

– (wait for it…)

but in the midst of all this, i just sent a bouquet of lilies to someone. 😀



1. xeem - February 14, 2008

Lilies are awesome. 🙂 Love is too. I think. Haha!

2. youppe - February 14, 2008


looks like someone’s in ‘bahagia’ mood. ehehe. i hate to say this, but since you’re like ‘asking’ for it…

don’t i told you so?

ahaha. (i haven’t even ‘interviewed’ u abt that yet)

3. The Banker - February 15, 2008

haha, mantap2. lilie are nice, and definitely a lot better than roses.

4. youppe - February 15, 2008

lilies are beautiful, man. and not as common as roses. not that i hate roses, just on valentines day, i think roses are too…. bloody.

contrary to popular belief, i am not secular. (ahahahaha)

5. Iman Azhar - February 15, 2008

Yeah, don’t ever let the day called ‘Valentine’s Day’ take the bloom off the ethereal LOVE…

6. linie - February 15, 2008

lilies are my favourites.. 🙂

ditto on the roses. too common.

7. youppe - February 16, 2008

too common, and not ‘special’. ehehe..

8. azni genki - February 19, 2008

… i don’t get it.

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