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WELCOME February 12, 2008

Posted by youppe in general, personal.

welcome. as fond as i am with my own writings (ehehe) i am not quite sure why i even bother to start a new blog, here at wordpress. though i could be an addictive writer, these days i really couldn’t find the time to indulge myself in blogging, which has become some kind of a guilty pleasure to me. which kinda resulted in the once-in-a-full-moon updates on my previous blog at Friendster.

yeah, maybe because it’s Friendster. real bloggers don’t use Friendster, right? cheesy, ain’t it? ahaha, you must be kidding yourself if you answered right just now. the words are the ones that matter, not the medium. but Friendster is quite cumbersome, i admit to that. i had requests to move to other sites, and i think the timing is right. why?

because my previous blog, aptly named ‘Starcrossed’, is a tome of something. i may not realize it initially, but it is actually just that. it is a compilation (from my point of view) of the chronicle of events unfolding from the day ‘it’ started to the day it ended until today. and unfortunately (for me), it still hasn’t ended. it is an ongoing real-life drama, which i think will have more twists and turns in the future.

‘Starcrossed’ aside, i hope by separating the blogs i could find the time and interest to be more involved, because honestly, i like writing. besides MUSIC, it is my other way of losing myself when i just have to be anywhere but here. (yeah, i’ve been sober and clean for a long time now)


ps.. check out the links i put in here. they’re certainly worth your time.



1. NoktahHitam - February 13, 2008

Welcome to Rambling thoughts of an Old man. LoL.

Sure will link to you. I’m a bit busy nowadays, so I’ll do it later alright. You got facebook?

2. youppe - February 13, 2008

facebook? nah, too complicated la, too many functions. for the purpose of keeping tabs on friends, friendster is enough for me.

thanks for the heads up on the comments thingy. fixed it.

3. fadh - February 14, 2008

old man…welcome to wordpress…surely it’s better than friendster’s. looking forward to reading your ramblings…

4. maya - February 14, 2008

looking forward to read ur daily rambling tooo!!

5. youppe - February 15, 2008

tq.. tq.. i crtainly hope i have the time 😀

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